YoGaia Retreat in the Canyons of Utah

There are some experiences in Life that simply leave me speechless. So overwhelmed with a swelling, grateful heart that all I’m left to do is Smile, and FEEL.  This was one of those experiences for me.  My first Wilderness Backpacking and Yoga Retreat in the Canyons of the Escalante, something I had been passionately dreaming of for years, and Here it was.. being Lived out in Real time with amazing women…

Utah Wilderness Bliss

Four days, three nights. Five beautiful women. One incredible trail. We turned off our cell phones, put our jobs on hold, and ventured into the wild canyons of Utah with everything we needed to survive strapped to our backs. Its difficult to put into words how truly amazing it is to disconnect from the routine and distractions of modern daily life, and embark on a journey into the wilderness with…

Exploring my Front Yard

A gorgeous day hike to Devil’s Thumb pass in the Indian Peaks wilderness during peak wildflower season.

Yoga in Arambol

My three and a half weeks in Arambol was the perfect way to start my solo trip to India. Normally, I would never choose to spend so much time in such a touristy area of the country, but in order to attend the intensive Pranic Healing course with Sharat Arora at the Himayalan Shanti Ashram in the north, I had to take 3 consecutive 5-day courses at his center in…

A Wonderland of Rocks

This sacred place of ancient temples scattered throughout a wonderland of rocks and an oasis of rice patties and palm trees is a sanctuary for anyone traveling through southern India.

The Road to Hana

  When your best friend moves to a tropical island and buys a sweet convertible, you stalk airfares daily and get on a plane as soon as possible. So thats exactly what I did. And for five magical days, we explored Maui’s endless natural beauty.

Bear Mountain

Although Connecticut’s tallest peak sits at only 2,316ft, it offers spectacular views of the Appalachian mountains and is guaranteed to make you fall in love with New England.

Mystical Yoga Farm

When it became clear to me that I was ready to deepen my yoga practice and expand my understanding of the ancient philosophy, I naturally asked my favorite teacher at the time where it was that she received her training. She told me about the School Yoga Institute and informed me that she’d be facilitating a 200hr Teacher Training in just a few months on a sacred lake in Guatemala. I did my…


Gorgeous colonial cities, beautiful beaches and lush volcanic islands. Nicaragua is the perfect place to explore nature’s magic on a tiny budget. I spent half of my time on the Pacific coast, on Playa Maderas, an epic hot spot for backpackers, surfers and yogis. I stayed in a local guest house on the quiet stretch of the beach for $2 a night, practiced yoga on the sand every morning, sunbathed and swam…

Himayalan Shanti Ashram

3-week Pranic Healing Intensive Yoga Course with Sharat Arora at the Himalayan Shanti Ashram in Himachal Pradesh, India.  Click on the links to learn more! Everything about this place is amazing. It sits in a lush valley on a sacred river with views of the Dhula Dhar range of the mighty Himalayas. The yoga hall is fully equipped with props, chairs, hanging belts, straps, and all the necessary equipment for…